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8 Hurricane Dorian Steps to Complete Right Now

The only cool thing about hurricanes is the snack box. That’s it! Life can’t always be food and games, so I’ve prepared a list of must-haves that might not have made it onto your list. Explore and take action. These simple steps could save you a lot of stress before, during, and after the storm. Be safe and be bold during Hurricane Dorian. You’ve got this!

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Top Questions You Should Stop Asking Newlyweds

I’m ready to talk that newlywed talk. Let’s explore a handful of questions to avoid asking newlyweds because manners still matter. Somehow the intimate lives of newlyweds become wide open for everyday discussion, and it’s just not right. I’d like to dig into how we can have more meaningful conversations without making them feel awkward. Capeesh?

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4 Expert Ways to Host a Stressless Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? The holidays are slowly creeping up, but I’m a firm believer in hosting parties all year long because gathering is good for your soul! In an effort to encourage more face-to-face interactions, I’ve recapped a recent brunch I hosted and I’ve prepared a few tips to help make your next event a little more intentional and smooth! Party on, baby! Party on!

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Let's Celebrate National Fry Day in Orlando & Beyond

Ayy, National Fry Day is July 13, and it’s imperative that we talk about it. Fries have always been in my life, and they have taken shape in various forms. From my days of shaking and salting fries at McDonald’s in high school to air frying purple potatoes in my adulthood, fries have always provided an unrivaled comfort for my belly.

Let’s celebrate!

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Major's First-Time Homebuyer's Guide: What I Wish I Had Known at 26

Homeownership is serious business, but I’m here to make it approachable, especially if you’re a millennial. If you’re thinking about it or just getting started, this guide just might be what you need. I’m no expert, but I did learn a handful of lessons that could save you some money and keep away a few headaches. My sincere hope and prayer is that your experience is easy and so much fun!

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Made in Orlando, Loved Around the Globe: Companies with HQs in Central Florida

In this story, I’ve got a list clear reasons why Orlando doesn’t suck! There’s something special about leaving your city and finding a product, restaurant, or venue that reminds you of home. If you’re looking for a job or simply need a reminder that your business can blossom, check out this list — I’m sure it will grow!

Photo Credit: Rifle Pape Co. / Anna Rifle Bond

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