4 Expert Ways to Host a Stressless Party

Photo Credit: Walter Phuego / Studio 17 Creative

Photo Credit: Walter Phuego / Studio 17 Creative


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I’m so thrilled that you stopped by to check out this week’s post. 

I had the honor of hosting a special group of women for what I called a “Feel Good Brunch” in downtown Orlando at Industrious.

One thing that you should know about me is that I love to bring women together. Looking back over the years, I’ve always enjoyed creating spaces for people to connect. At these events, I’ve watched my relationships with others bloom and gotten to see new relationships begin between complete strangers.

I love it! (Insert tears here)


Every year, I host a themed birthday party as a way to celebrate life with women that mean a lot to me. This year was different. My husband surprised me with a trip to Boulder, Colorado— a place that I’ve wanted to go for nearly a decade. #StillOverTheMoon So my recent brunch was a way to fill in the gathering gap that I felt in my heart.

Let’s breakdown what happened, as I offer up tips on how to host your own gathering for friends and family!

Tips For Hosting Meaningful Gatherings

Discover the purpose. The purpose for the recent brunch was very simple: connect people. Food is one of the greatest connectors, so a potluck brunch was an approachable way to host the event. Perhaps you’d like to educate your guests or reconcile different parties? Whatever the purpose is, be sure to be intentional about it and make it known.

Determine the vibe. Once you discover the purpose, you’ll want to consider how you want people to feel when at the gathering and when they leave. I determined that I wanted each attendee to feel more connected to the other women there, to have a better understanding of themselves when they left, and to feel refreshed. The event layout and discussion topics all worked together to achieve this.

Detail everything. I communicated everything via a Facebook event page— literally every detail. A Google Doc was also created to allow people to easily add what food they planned on bringing. No one needs eight bottles orange juices at a brunch, right?! The goal was to make everyone feel comfortable and prepared, so I documented as much about the brunch experience before the event to set their expectations.

Try to fill in your guests so that they aren’t in the dark about important details.

Do good. Gathering a group of people offers up a great way to do something beneficial. Select a neighborhood to clean up or collect supplies for school kids. We decided to collect feminine products for women at SafeHouse of Seminole. What a blessing, right?!

Photo Credit: Walter Phuego / Studio 17 Creative

Photo Credit: Walter Phuego / Studio 17 Creative

More About the Major Creates’ Brunch

We ate so much food. It was a potluck and some of the ladies outdid themselves by making homemade dishes! I drank more cups of cold brew than I could count. And we talked so much that we didn’t want to leave. Topics included everything from enneagram numbers to colorism and the great natural hair debate.

I have to give a special shout to Lucie Peoples for leading our enneagram discussion. She was amazing. If you need someone to carry the conversation at your next event— book her! (Message me for her information.) It was all very enlightening and refreshing to hear differing opinions expressed in respectful ways.

I look forward to hearing about how you connect with your friends and family.

If you have any tips, share them below.

Be bold,