8 Hurricane Dorian Steps to Complete Right Now

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If you live anywhere in the United States, you’ve likely heard about Hurricane Dorian. If you live in Florida, you’re likely running to the grocery store to stock up on water, snacks, and batteries. So I’ll hurry up and get to it. Trust me, I’m right there with you. I’m not a Floridian, so I’ve only experienced a handful of hurricanes, and to be frank, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them.

My great hope is that you’re ready - both physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. There might be a few things that didn’t make it on your list, and that’s why I wrote this post. Breathe easy— we got this!


Hurricane Dorian Checklist 

1. Insurance. (I’m whispering: “Please tell me you have insurance.”) If you’re a homeowner, this is mandatory, but if you’re renting, this is completely optional, but oh so worth it. At this point in the hurricane game, it’s too late to obtain it if you don’t have it already. If you do, now’s the time to make sure you have your ducks in a row.

  • Call your insurance company to make sure your account is current.

  • Obtain your policy number. Write it down and email it to yourself.

  • Inquire about your coverage. Ask about flood insurance, too!

  • Take photos of everything inside and outside of your property. Video is great, too. This will help if you need to file any claims!

2. Doc Box. Your birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, credit cards, home property deeds and other files, and even your car’s spare key are things you likely can’t afford to lose.

Before the Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, gather all of these items. If there’s time, scan them via a printer or on your iPhone. Keep reading to learn how to scan documents directly to your phone.

Once you have everything, place them in a Ziploc bag and then put them in a secure box. Place the box in a closet on a top shelf. This box should be easy enough to carry if you have to evacuate.

Steps to Scan from your iPhone.

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to notes.

  • Click the plus symbol on the bottom.

  • Click scan document.

  • Once your camera opens, focus your lens on what you’d like to capture and take the photo. If might not be perfect, so you can use your finger to drag the pointers to meet the size of your document.

  • Once you finish, hit save. You can send the scan to your email, computer, or simply save it in your phone. I recommend uploading to your Google Drive or your email address.

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3. Snack Box. This is my most favorite spot in the house during a hurricane! You’ll want to put everything non-perishable in one box that will remain in one convenient place. This will help you easily locate food and drinks at any time of day and give you a great overview of your food supply.

4. Quality Headphones. My AirPods saved my life a few years back when Hurricane Irma came through Orlando, Florida. The intense sound of the wind almost sent me into a panic attack. I was grateful for headphones that helped cancel the noise. I listened to music all night long and it helped keep me calm. Speaking of music…

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5. Downloaded Podcasts and Books. You must remain entertained. If the power goes out, there are only so many rounds of Monopoly you can play. Go through your favorite podcasts and books and download new content that will keep your brain busy during the Hurricane Dorian.

6. Breathe and Pray | Wellness Exercises. Yep, you read that correctly. Hurricanes and other natural disasters can bring a lot of stress with them, but you are responsible for how you respond. Breathing exercises, meditating, and praying are always solid things to do. Here’s an example of a few words to meditate on:

“I am safe and protected. This storm shall pass. God is protecting all things concerning me and my community.”

Also, here’s a link to check out some breathing exercises.

7. Locate Your Friends and Family. Sometimes we think that everyone has a safe place to stay and that’s far from the truth. Check on your friends that live near and far away. Ask your friends on Facebook if they have a safe shelter and enough food. If you don’t have the resources to support, you could point them in the right direction. Once you’ve done this, ask your friends and family to share where they are staying. This will ease your mind during and after the storm.

Pro Tip: Find out who has a generator and if you can come over!

8. Getaway Bag. Just in case you’ve got to get out of your dwelling quickly, pack a light bag with enough clothes for two or three days. Put this by the door, so that you can leave quickly.



That’s it! If you have other essentials, please share them below. I’m praying that everyone survives the Hurricane Dorian throughout Florida and beyond without stress or strain and that your property stays intact.

Be bold,