Home Decor for Budget-Conscious Shoppers

From the windows to the walls, let’s explore pieces that bring life to any dwelling.


Pssst… if you haven’t checked out my first-time homebuyer’s guide, please stop by what you’re doing and read it here.

It wasn’t until after I got married that I started investing in what is now our space. (I love that I can say that!) There was something about making our house a home that seemed daunting and stressful. When I first bought this house, a lot of money went it to it, and it hasn’t stopped. Trees had to come down, a new HVAC system was installed, we painted the interior and exterior, installed LVP floors, and the list goes on. All of that equals money, so the last thing on my mind was finding a cute couch. 

But look at God! I can stop window shopping and actually purchase items. I’ve compiled a list pieces that are great to mix and match to make your space your own! We’re talking staple buys, no tchotchkes here. Many of them are in the MAGO home, and when we finally photograph our place, you’ll get to see.

Floor Details 

  1. Real plants are so necessary. I recommend fiddle leaf fig, monstera, and snake plants. I’m no expert, so don’t fault me for not using the proper names. All of these plants are natural air purifiers, so don’t be afraid to purchase a few. Check out your local Home Depot or nursery to buy. If you’re in Orlando, visit Palmer’s Garden & Goods and The Heavy! Consider getting a pretty planter like the one shown above. Great options are available on Amazon and World Market. Enhance your green thumb by learning about how to tend to plants on bloomscape.

  2. Get carried away. Baskets are literally perfect for so many things. Need to hide cords? Want to house a couple of blankets or cover an ugly plant pot? Baskets are the perfect solution. Find one like the one we got here.

  3. Mirror, mirror on the floor? Save yourself the time and headache by not mounting a super heavy mirror and just get one with a stand. We purchased one from Target and it complements the floors perfectly.

Wall + Ceiling Eye Candy

  1. Round mirrors for the win. I’ve been obsessed with this style lately because it’s offers a cooler way to fill a wall. You can find pieces at Marshall’s, IKEA, and Amazon, of course!

  2. Meaningful art matters. Find prints that matter to you. I am a firm believer in adding messages on walls that inspire me, and this beautiful statement piece by Bria Benjamin sits boldly on a wall close to our entrance. It’s simply gorgeous. Check out Society6 to shop art from artists located all over the world.

  3. Light up a room. I won’t bore you with my hunt for a very particular pendant lamp from the LeAnne Ford collection at Target, but I couldn’t get it, so I got the one shown from IKEA. It’s super clean, light, and so boho. Because of it’s large size, it does a great job of filling up a room. 

Pieces that People and Things Sit On

  1. Couches are hard to find. I won’t lie, it took us forever to find a couch. I didn’t want a sectional and my husband did, so we had to get in agreement. Thankfully, we landed on the one shown, and we love it! The color, the style, and comfort are perfect. I recommend visiting your favorite store and taking several seats— test drive those things! God looked out for us and we got this couch in the as-is section for $800 off.

  2. Pull up a seat. You can ball hard on chairs, but we made the decision to get affordable dining room chairs. They will be used often, and if you need to purchase another one, it’s best to not have to break the bank. Search for Scandinavian dining chairs and see what pops up. You might fall in love!

  3. Give your TV a cool prop. Wayfair and Facebook Marketplace are great places to shop for TV stands and credenzas. We purchased ours from Wayfair and decided to get one that is lower to the ground because we plan to mount our TV. Consider different textures and don’t be afraid to pick a piece that pops— it could very well carry the room.

And that’s it! I’d love to know what you’re shopping for at the moment, or if you think any of these pieces are worth buying. Thanks for reading.

Be bold,