Everyday Tips to Enhance Your Creative Power

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Hi, Lovely People! 

Thanks for checking back in— it’s humbling and amazing that people like you stop by to read. The topic of creativity and what it means to be creative have drawn closer to my heart lately. The word “creative” takes on somewhat of a pretentious meaning these days and it’s time for that to change.

Here’s my belief: God is creative, therefore, I am. As a Christian, I am created in the image of God. Whether you’re a believer or choose to do your own thing — I’m here to say that you are creative. Your way of expression just might be different. 

Being creative isn’t just about taking amazing photos or developing the next app. It’s also about finding extra money in your budget so that you can afford to save up for your dream vacation or finding a way to get all of your kids to fall asleep at the same time!

This wasn’t always my perspective, and I’ll admit that I often have to restructure my thoughts. When you’re married to someone that is a photographer, videographer, podcaster, designer, artist, etc. — it can become challenging to think that what you make is legit. #Goals

Sheesh, comparison will have you thinking that everything you make it trash. So, let’s stop it. I have to examine my abilities and focus on what my creative expression looks like, and then begin to value it more than that of others. In this place, I have confidence, boldness, and I know my worth.

Here’s The Breakdown.

Some people are born with creative muscles! These people have the build, and they often don’t have to do much - just flex. Creating comes easy to them.

chauniqua major

Natural Born Creative

Do you see these muscles?!


Strengthen those muscles, baby!

It’s OK — creativity might take a little work.


And then there are the people that have to work that thing out. They are problem solvers, who often aren’t in industries that scream creativity.


Everyday Ways To Enhance Your Creativity

  1. Discover your meaning outside of your work: You are more than your job. Pick up a new hobby, explore an old project, or commit to discovering something fresh. I often credit my hunger for exploring new and random content for keeping me on my toes. Ads in the grocery store have led to successful dinner campaigns for clients. Random podcasts episodes allow me to contribute fresh ideas and perspectives during important conversations. 

  2. Make podcasts your friends: Yo! Podcasts are my besties. I’m not an avid reader but I’m definitely an avid listener. The visuals I create in my head when listening to a podcast would blow your mind. I recommend that you create a list of things that interest you along with things that are not even in your wheelhouse, and then search for podcasts about these topics. You have no idea what will get your wheels spinning. 

  3. Take your lunch: I didn’t take lunch for years. I ate my desk and did my job. That’s so lame! Take your lunch. Workout, go for coffee, call your mom, or take a nap in your car. Do something that makes your soul sing. You need it to be great. 

  4. Keep your head up: My former employer gave me one piece of advice that I’ve never forgotten, “Keep your head up and don’t get caught in the weeds.” I promise you that staying out of the weeds will allow you to create without being tethered to habits and what’s expected of you.

Did that help? I hope so. If that resonated with you at all, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Be bold,