5 Questions: Catching Up With Anna LaBeau Caibio

Anna LaBeau Caibio

Photographer, Floral Designer + Yelp Community Coordinator


Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram, stopped on a photo, and just drooled? That’s what the below photos do to me. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Anna LaBeau Caibio, a lifetime Floridian with deep roots in the Central Florida market, a proud UCF Knight, and the person that captured the amazing images showcased in this week’s 5 Questions’ feature. This creative is a true example of someone that continuously works to utilize their gifts.

I’m obsessed with her eye and ability to create beautiful things and capture life’s beautiful moments. My husband and I are currently are decorating our home and we have a slight obsession with plants, so Anna is my current muse!

Let’s dig in.



Tell us, what does a typical day look like for you? What I love most about the work I do is that every day is different! First off, I’m Yelp Orlando’s Community Coordinator, working alongside my girl, Andi Perez. We plan and host multiple events each month that connect the Orlando community with local businesses, makers, and artists who are doing cool things. When I’m not planning events, you’ll definitely find me with either a camera or flowers in my hand. I’m a freelance photographer that specializes in interior design, product, and brand photography, and I particularly love working with local women-owned businesses!

You might also see me slingin’ stems as a floral designer at everyone’s favorite plant shop, The Heavy. It seems like a strange combination of jobs, I know, but each one fuels a different form of creativity in me and now I can’t imagine having to choose just one! Having multiple side hustles is definitely not as glamorous as some people might think, but being able to do the things that give me life every single day make the crazy hours so worth it.

What attracted you to plants, and can you share details about your services? I’m not gonna lie — I’m a wannabe plant lady. I can style and stage your houseplants all day, just don’t ask me to keep them alive! Lucky for me, I have a husband with a green thumb, and I can’t take any of the credit for the 30+ plants currently thriving in our home. But being a complete interior design nerd, I just love how plants can transform a space.

When it comes to photographing interiors, my clients frequently consult me for styling tips and cost-effective ways to elevate a space to get it photo-ready. In my opinion, incorporating plants is the quickest, easiest way to enhance a room (besides throw pillows), and nope, there’s no such thing as “too many plants.” 

Where’s your go-to spot in Orlando for a creative pick me up? Well, since I can’t say The Heavy (because duh), I find myself feeling super inspired every time I’m at Snap! Orlando, which is contemporary art gallery that showcases work by incredible international photographers and multimedia artists. They’ve even featured some local photography work. Maybe one day I’ll get some of my work on the wall. #GOALS

What are your favorite subjects to capture when shooting? I’m a sucker for any well-designed interior space full of plants and natural light. Interior design photography has definitely become my passion over the last year. Pretty hotels and restaurants always get me giddy. Or give me a good Danish chair and a monstera plant... SWOON! 

What’s giving you life at this moment in time? Gahhh, so many things! I officially started designing my personal brand and a new website this month, and I’m so stoked about it — I can’t wait to share! I’m also really loving the art of working with dried florals instead of fresh flowers these days. I’ve gotten to design some really different/challenging things recently, and they’ve become some of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made. I just love the idea of giving dead things new life!

Oh, and gotta give a shoutout to pampas grass. If you know me, you know about my love affair with pampas grass.


Stay connected with Anna on Instagram and stay tuned for her website launch. Love plants? Share you faves in the comments!

Be Bold,


P.S. Did you peep all of my discreet plant references?