5 Ways to Wake Up Energized

Fact: Mornings can suck. Truth: They don’t have to. Like most experiences in life, it’s what you do and how you perceive situations that determines what you believe.

I personally used to hate mornings, and sometimes still do.. I experienced last-minute running around, paying $10 for lunch because I forgot what I had packed on the counter... if any of this sounds familiar, this is for you.

The key takeaway to remember is that developing and sticking to a morning routine is an essential component to experiencing a great start. I’m currently working on a new morning routine after getting married, and it’s not easy at all, fam. Let’s get to it.

Recommended Routine Time: 1 hour

1. Switch Up Your Alarm Clock

I haven’t met one person who loves the traditional alarm sound. All smartphones have the capability to change your alarm sound. Mix it up with birds chirping or African drums. You can also customize your alarm text to read what you prefer. My alarm reads, “Wake up beauty, the world awaits your greatness!”

2. Commit to A Workout

If you’re fit, commit to a workout like this one. For beginners, here’s an option. And if you can’t stand the thought of sweating at 6 a.m., give this stretch or yoga a try. I typically light my favorite candle and complete this stretch a few times a week with a workout combination to awaken my body after a long night’s rest.

5 Ways to Wake Up Energized

Major Tip: Write down what workout you’ll do every day and post it on your wall. The accountability of seeing it every morning will give you a bit of healthy pressure to do it.

3. Eat Food That You Actually Like

Don’t eat something lame just because it’s trending online. Eat what you like, just make sure it’s healthy and packed with fresh, whole ingredients. Overnight oats, smoothies bowls, and toast are quick and easy. The key is to not eat when rushing out of the door. Sit and enjoy your meal with a book or with your family. If you’re running late, here are a few spots with to-go breakfast bites: Create Your Nature, Clean Juice, Craft & Common, Lineage, and Downtown Credo. Call ahead to place your order!

4. Create a Morning Playlist

Go, DJ! An encouraging teaching or blasting a curated Spotify playlist might just be what you need to get the sleep out of your eyes.


5. Talk that Positive Talk

“Good morning, winner!” “I am strong.” “I’m expecting great things.”

Try writing inspiration messages like these on sticky notes, and posting them all over. Keep positive words in eyes’ reach because you will focus on what’s in front of you. Remember to say them even when you don’t feel like it. During those times saying them will matter most.

With all of this, please understand that customizing your routine is everything. If you battle with insomnia or sleep apnea, consider taking Kono Naturals’ CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that helps with many daily issues, disorders, and ailments, before bed to help you relax and focus on the sleeping task at hand. Please consult your doctor first.

Whatever you do, make it work for you. With every season comes new schedules and demands, which may require your routine to change.

Check back next week for some of my favorite places in Orlando to relax and recharge!

Be bold,

- Major